Pittsburgh-London Film Program students screen at BFI Future Film Festival

We are excited to announce that four films made by Pitt students during their semester abroad at the Pittsburgh-London Film Program were chose to screen at the 12th annual BFI Future Film Festival - the UK’s most important film industry festival for young, emerging filmmakers!  

Young Voices at the 2019 BFI Future Film Festival screened essay films by young filmmakers (16-22-year-olds), graduating from three different programmes: the Pittsburgh-London Film Program (University of Pittsburgh), the Making Images course (Phoenix Cinema, East Finchley), and the Hidden Persuaders film workshops for Camden sixth-formers (Birkbeck and the Derek Jarman Lab). The films are personal and powerful, and experimental in form; and are programmed by Film Programming and Curating MA students, as a way to introduce what it is to select and present films for an audience.  Here are the Pitt student films that were featured:

London from the Grounds Up (Helen Richard, 2018, 7:08 min)

If London was a cup of coffee, what would it be? Meandering across town in search of the answer, this film reminds us of the many ways in which we both hate and love London, one cup at a time.

Street Symphony (Prabhav Desai, 2018, 6:11 min)

This film views a famous London landmark through the eyes of a local busker, encouraging us to see and experience street music in a different way.

Cigarettes (Dean Bogdanovic, 2017, 6:11 min)

A tongue-in-cheek examination of London’s fascination with the allure of smoking, this film subtly reminds us of what really matters in life.

Yellow  (Mackenzie Stewart, 2017, 10:37 min)

Who is this girl called Spider? Is she really gone forever? Can she be found in another city? Or, is she just hidden in a colour? When a young girl seems to have lost everything, she realises she is not who she used to be anymore and tries to find a new life in London.