Adam Hart

  • Visiting Assistant Professor
Adam Hart is a Visiting Assistant Professor in English and Film and Media Studies. He received his PhD from the University of Chicago in 2014 and has served as a post-doctoral College Fellow in Harvard University's Department of Visual and Environmental Studies and a lecturer in Film Studies at North Carolina State University. His monograph, Monstrous Forms: Moving-Image Horror Across Media, will be released by Oxford University Press in 2019. He has published The New Review of Film and Television and A Companion to the Horror Film (ed. Harry Benshoff), and has articles forthcoming in Discourse, The Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, Imaginations, and Studies in the Fantastic
His research interests include the horror genre, American avant-garde film and video, global documentary (especially in the 1950s and 1960s), independent and underground cinemas, camerawork and cinematographic aesthetics, and global New Waves and related film movements. His first book, Monstrous Forms, proposes a theory of horror based on the address of the viewer/gamer/browser which encompasses films, games, TV, YouTube, gifs, VR and other moving-image media. His second book project, Rhetorics of Presence: A History and Theory of Handheld Cinematography from Super-8 to GoPro,analyzes the aesthetics and politics of handheld camerawork in the sound era. The project spans handheld's early associations with amateurism to its adoption by avant-garde and documentary filmmakers through its incorporation into New Wave/art-house features and Hollywood genre films and into the current ubiquity of shaky images in multiplexes, on TV, and on social media. 
Adam also founded a new initiative at Film Matters, where he has co-edited the first two issues of "Videographic" media scholarship, featuring video essays made by undergraduate film and media scholars. He co-founded and is currently co-director of the Horror Studies Special Interest Group of SCMS. Before entering academia, he worked as an administrator and curator for Northwest Film Forum and the Seattle International Film Festival.

Representative Publications

“Millennial Fears: Abject Horror in a Transnational Context,” in Companion to the Horror Film, ed. Harry Benshoff. New York: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2014.
"I, Mugwump: Projection, Abjection and Cronenbergian Monstrosity in Naked Lunch,”The New Review of Film and Television Studies. March 2017.
"The Searching Camera: First-Person Shooter Videogames, Found-Footage Horror, and the Documentary Tradition” in The Journal of Cinema and Media Studies. Forthcoming 2019.
“Killer POV: The Moving Camera and Sympathetic Identification in Modern Horror” in Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies. Forthcoming 2019.
"Transitional Gothic: The 50s Gothic Revival and 'New Horror," in Studies in the Fantastic. Forthcoming 2019.
"Gestural Expressionism and Its Discontents: The American Avant-Garde's Theories of Handheld Subjectivity" in Discourse. Forthcoming TBD.
Monstrous Forms: Moving-Image Horror Across Media. New York: Oxford University Press, Forthcoming 2019.