Sarah Joshi

  • Lecturer

Sarah Joshi is the Director of the Pittsburgh London Film Programme. Sarah holds a PhD in Humanities and Cultural Studies, an M.A. in Humanities and a B.A. in Classical Archaeology. After finishing her M.A., Sarah taught for a Humanities and Philosophy department at a local college in California. While her M.A. thesis was on the missionary compulsion to write in the last quarter of the nineteenth century in India, her PhD research with the London Consortium was concerned with contemporary Hindi cinema and the negotiation of interracial relationships and cultural citizenship in diasporic-centric films. Sarah’s current research interest centres on the ‘new’ new parallel cinema in India. She is also producing a film, ‘LUX Imperium’, with artist Noah Angell and writer Francis Gooding. Previously Sarah was the manager for the University of London-Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image and Associate Director of the Derek Jarman Lab. She has published on the Non-Resident Indian, as well as on representations of the Partition of India and Pakistan in popular film and literature.