Syeda Momina Masood

Momina Masood is a film researcher and writer, currently researching Pakistani cult and exploitation cinemas including questions of cinephilia and fandom in the context of Pakistani film. Her research interests are interdisciplinary and include questions of global (cult) cinema, cinephilia, postcolonial studies, and queer of color critique. Her auto-theoretical work on queer Muslim womanhood is forthcoming in Pakistan Desires (eds. Kasmani, Arondekar, Duke UP) and her academic research on Pakistani cult cinema is forthcoming in Global Cult Cinemas (eds. Smith et al., Bloomsbury). Her essays have also appeared in minor literature[s]Halal if You Hear Me (Haymarket), Trauma (Dodo Ink), 3:AM Magazine, DAWN, among others. 

Select Publications:   

Visions of Queer Anarchism: Gender, Desire, and Futurity in Omar Ali Khan’s Zibahkhana, BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies, vol. 10, no. 1, 2019, 75-90. 

Of Dark Rooms and Foreign Languages, originally published in minor literature[s], later anthologized in Halal If You Hear Me (eds. Asghar, Elhillo, Haymarket Books), 2019