Vladimir Padunov

  • Associate Professor

Vladimir Padunov is an Associate Professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and in the Film Studies Program.  In addition to teaching courses on Russian language, literature, and culture, he teaches a cycle of four graduate seminars on the history of Russo-Soviet cinema and occasionally a seminar on the cinema of Central Asia.

His articles have appeared in FrameworkNew FormationsNew Left ReviewOctober, and Wide-Angle.  His articles have also appeared in the Russian journals Iskusstvo kinoand Voprosy literatury.  He has served on the juries of several film festivals, including the Cleveland Film Festival, Deboshir (St. Petersburg, Russia), and Shaken (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

Since 1999 he has been the director of the annual Russian Film Symposium, which has screened 300 Russo-Soviet films and brought film scholars from around the world to the University of Pittsburgh.