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The Film and Media Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh draws on the expertise of faculty across disciplines to offer rigorous courses concerning the history, aesthetics, theory, and production of cinema. The program provides courses in critical studies and courses in film, video, and television production.

Students can choose to complete a Film and Media Studies major or minor.  Many students double major in Film and Media Studies and another area, while a minor allows the student to major in another area, but still take an organized and officially recognized sequence of film classes.

The major in Film and Media Studies prepares students for graduate training in cinema or for such film-related careers as television and film production, arts administration, film journalism, film curatorial work, film library work, film distribution, teaching film, and film production.

Film and Media Studies Critical Studies Major

The Film and Media Studies Program offers a series of interdisciplinary courses concerning the history, aesthetics, theory, and production of cinema. The program provides courses in critical studies, broadcasting, and film production.

Film and Media Production Track

Beginning in Spring 2017, students have the opportunity to pursue the Film and Media Production Track within the Film and Media Studies Major.


The Minor in Film and Media Studies is designed for the student who is majoring in another field, but wishes to do some concentrated work in film and media.

Pitt to the Point

Pitt to the Point is a live one-hour news/magazine program that airs every Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. (EST). Visit the website for more information.

Pitt to the Point is an advanced practicum course, that will not only air on UPTV.com, and Pitt to the Point’s website and Facebook pages, but also air at 3 p.m. (EST) on WPCW (KDKA-TV), as well as KDKA-TV’s streaming platform CBSN. 

Pitt to the Point will focus on events and activities that take place at the University of Pittsburgh, including all of its branch campuses, and the City of Pittsburgh. In addition, we will also have National and International guests and stories. We very much welcome story ideas and suggestions. We would like to be a conduit for disseminating information. 

Students participating in the course do have broadcast experience on both the academic level and the professional level. Positions on Pitt the Point will rotate after 4 weeks, with the final airing taking place on Friday, April 22nd (8 a.m. to 9 a.m. EST). 

During the 15-weeks, our Pitt to the Point News Directors are Liam O’Hara, Andrew Mundy and Jackie Napier. 


Undergraduate Film and Media Studies students are eligible for internships in a variety of film, visual arts, and media areas as soon as they have completed 36 credits toward their degrees. 

Required Coursework

Film and Media Studies courses are offered by several departments. Choose “Film Studies” in the “School of Arts and Sciences” dropdown menu on the course descriptions page to view currently offered courses.

General Education Requirements

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