Undergraduate Alumni

Alumni of the Undergraduate Program pursue diverse careers in filmmaking, film preservation, television production, journalism and related fields.  Just some of our alumni are listed below:

Talha Amir BA 2014 Pursuing advanced degree in Human Computer Interaction, Binghamton University https://youtube.com/user/thetalhaamir

Ilona Auth BA 2006 Restoration and Quality Control Technician, Criterion Collection

Bryan S. Ginghold Founder, Steel City Movers and Co-Founder GoFigure! Custom Action Figures     

Mike Brant    BA 2007 Production Supervisor Blue Bloods, Youth in Oregon (2015)     

Douglas Crise BA 1992 Editor Birdman . . . (2015), Ocean’s Eleven               

Nate Cornett Cinematographer Ve Panayir Köyden Gider (2015), Ridicule (2013), Funny or Die http://cornettdp.com/

Sam Cotler Producer Project Runway, Bad Ink                

Kelsey Eckert BA 2012 Project Archivist, L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Restoration, George Eastman House                   

Lauren Elmer Post Production Manager, A24 Films        

Jessica Fike BA 2005 Medical Student, University of Ohio    

Rico Gagliano Arts and Culture Journalist/Host, The Dinner Party Download  

Megan Klimkos BA 2008 Set costumer, Costumer's Guild Her, Straight Outta Compton, Nebraska, Code Black

Ben Hatmaker BA 2015 Editorial Production Assistant, New Line Cinema    

Meredith Hicks BA 2011 Assistant Editor Bones              

John Paul Horstmann BA 2002 Editor Cold in July, click here to read an interview with John Paul Horstmann             

Mark Janavel Videographer Farrell Sovana Inc., and freelance projects         

Andy Kelemen BA 2007 Commercial Director, DP The Comedy Confluence http://andykelemen.com/

Ryan Krumm Editor  True TV http://www.ryankrumm.com/

Nicholas Lindner BA 2002 Documentary, film and television LinkedIn 

William Maxwell BA 2006 Digital Asset Manager, Funny or Die

Ron Nyswaner BA 1978 Writer and Producer Freeheld (screenplay, 2015), Homeland  

Ryan O'Shea BA 2012 Host/Producer for WTAE-TV Pittsburgh, Associate Prodcuter, The Buried Life 

Katherine Oyegun BA 2010 Writer, Producer, Comedy Development, ABC Studios This is Us, The FirstGen Show, Queen Sugar

Tom Pellegrini Producer Jiro Dreams of Sushi